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NITAS is the National IT Apprenticeship System (NITAS) workforce development program for companies of any size. NITAS, developed by the IT Community and the U.S. Department of Labor ensures American Industries and its IT workforce maintain global competitive advantage through rapid adaptation to technological innovation, consistently high productivity of IT workers and utilization of superior training and development approaches.

Apprenticeship is a centuries-old, proven method of training that provides classroom instruction, industry certification and on-the-job training. NITAS, is a 21st Century Apprenticeship system that incorporates all three elements with a critical competency sign-off that ensures a knowledge and skills transfer has taken place between the apprentice and mentor.

White Papers

The Role of Apprenticeship in the Development of the Information Technology Workforce: An Economic Perspective

IT Generalist

21st Century Apprenticeship McDonald's Corporation Project Management Apprenticeship Program

NITAS Overview

Employer Registered Apprenticeship Toolkit


"The NITAS Apprenticeship Model trained McDonalds IT workers to become more productive IT project managers in less than 6 months. Achievement of business objectives increased by 12.5% on average for projects managed using the NITAS model" click here for more details (pdf)

"The Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) has shown a strong linkage between apprenticeship, worker productivity and economic value. At NUWC, under apprenticeship, entry-level workers became more productive. It also enabled them to manage costs effectively by linking wage rates to specific job performance and competency criteria. Click Here for the Video

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